Why Should You Choose RPM?

Fastest prototype manufacturer in the world

We are the world’s fastest manufacturer of custom prototypes and low volume production parts for automotive, medical and consumer electronics industries. Our company was founded in 1994 as the 1st  3D printing service bureau in Korea. 

Since establishment, RPM has served many satisfied clients in many fields including automotive, medical, consumer electronics and others. RPM is committed to provide our customers the highest quality available. Each year RPM invests in the latest technologies to stay competitive in the market. Over the decades, we have introduced CNC machining, silicone vacuum casting, rapid delivery injection mold and expanded our injection molding capability. We open global sales offices in USA, Mexico and Europe. We strive to employ the latest technologies to produce from machined plastic or metal prototype parts to low volume injection molded products.

Today we are recognized as one of the world’s fastest manufacturer of top quality prototype and low volume production parts for automotive, medical and consumer electronics industries. Our technological know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable us to produce real material prototype parts as fast as 3 days. As a result, we became a reliable manufacturing partner for many global companies that want to accelerate their product development process while keeping the development cost down.


Advantages We Offer

Best Lead-time

  • Develop and deliver real material prototypes in three days.

  • Help customers stay ahead of schedule with the shortest lead times.

Quality Assurance

  • Ensure that the parts we produce exactly match your design specifications.

  • Guarantee same level of quality parts for any number of design iterations

High Cost-effectiveness

  • Years of experience enables us build mold with minimal cost.

  • Our strategic partners enable us build complex parts at a competitive price.

Need accurate prototypes or high quality low-volume production parts?

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