Quality Control

General Quality

RPM trains all of its employees on all of its processes and procedures regularly. RPM’s top management arranges courses on quality control, machine functions, proper paper work processes, emergency procedures, general housekeeping and so on.

Technical Quality / Design Quality

RPM is a specialized manufacturer of custom prototype parts for automotive and medical industries around the world. Our high caliber experienced engineers closely work with our clients’ engineers to  make sure that prototype parts we manufacture for our customers exactly meet all design specifications. We offer consultation on manufacturability of product design. Our design and manufacturing experts advise our clients’ engineering team on necessary design changes prior to the actual production of prototype parts.

RPM’s manufacturing processes are excellent for customers’ new designs. We can make prototypes and sample parts to check that the finished parts met required design specifications and achieved full functionalities. After our customers have devised any necessary changes to their designs, we adjust our molding and tooling to build prototypes and sample parts with these adjustments implemented. Our in-house tooling and molding experts enable us to create prototypes and sample parts that precisely match our clients’ design specifications over any number of design iterations.

Sometimes our customers bring us designs that cannot be accurately manufacture. In this case we advise our customers’ designers on changes that   make the design manufacturable. Our tooling and molding experts help us produce the parts our customers need without wasting time and money on imperfect and inaccurate tooling and molding.


Parts' Quality Control 

RPM uses RoHS and RoHS2 compliance engineering grade resins and specialized medical injection molding materials for medical parts. We purchase engineering grade resins from customer approved vendors. We have also strategic partnership with many vendors who supply us with high quality metal inserts. Our expertise with engineering grade resins and specialized medical injection molding materials ensures that your medical parts we produce will meet your exact specifications.