Ready for a more cost and time efficient way to manufacture parts? Our affordable aluminum molds and quick turnaround times help you introduce your product to the market faster for less.


Our rapid injection tooling team specializes in rapid prototype tooling. Using high-speed milling for plastic injection mold making, we can create rapid prototype tools as fast as 3 days. The design of our prototype tool is based on a standard mold base frame and interchangeable aluminum cores and cavity inserts. By the use of high speed machining centers and aluminum for the mold inserts we can create accurate tools faster. Aluminum can be machined faster than tool steel.  It can also be modified, polished and textured easily to meet your finishing needs. In addition to this, it dissipates the heat better to the injection molding process. All these factors and RPM's tooling know-how help us deliver the molded parts to you faster than ever before at lower costs.


RPM offers production tooling as well.

Our Capability

  • Design and fabricate high precision ‘rapid delivery injection mold’ as quickly as 3 days.

  • Able to modify the mold for any design changes within a short time.

Our ‘Rapid Delivery Injection Mold’s Capability

  • Mold any type of injection grade plastic materials.

  • Can produce low and medium volume of prototype & production parts.

Benefits Our Rapid Delivery Injection Mold Provide

  • Fast turnaround, highly accurate and repeatable.

  • Highly cost-effective.